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Apache Kafka is revolutionising the world of IT by providing users with fast, reliable access to critical data streams.

Apache Kafka is a powerful event streaming platform that can be difficult to configure and manage. That’s why we’re here to help. We make it easy for you to take full advantage of any flavour of Kafka, by providing intuitive tools and support so you can focus on what matters most – getting the insights that drive your business decisions.

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How we do it

Professional Kafka Services

We offer a variety of tailored Kafka services and bring industry-leading expertise to support Apache Kafka in your organisation


Kafka Consultancy

Our Apache Kafka consulting services are designed to help you maximise the potential of your Apache Kafka environment. Our engineers can provide comprehensive advice and guidance on a range of topics.

  • Kafka Health Check
  • Event Driven Architecture
  • Strategy & Vision
  • Disaster Planning
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Elastic scaling

Streaming Applications

Event streaming is ubiquitous and opens up brand new possibilities. Our team of experts can help design and build event streaming applications on any Kafka platform. We can also help create custom connectors and plugins to seamlessly integrate your application with other systems.

  • Steaming applications
  • Connect data sources & sinks
  • Event routing
  • Stream manipulation & enrichment
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Kafka Infrastructure

We build best practice event streaming platforms, our team of expert engineers can help you configure, manage, and optimise your Apache Kafka environment for maximum efficiency, performance, and scalability.

  • Kafka foundation deployment
  • Kafka Migration
  • Optimise existing streaming platforms
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Native Kafka
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Professional Kafka Support

Experts on hand when you need them most, at OSO we offer comprehensive support services for Kafka. Our team of expert engineers can provide assistance with disaster recovery, performance tuning and troubleshooting.

  • Trusted expert / Enterprise support
  • Emergency support
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Confluent Preferred Delivery Partner

Our Certified Confluent Kafka Consultants have the experience and knowledge to guide you through your journey with confidence. With years of professional experience, our team can help you maximise the value of Apache Kafka. We provide end-to-end services, from setting up a secure environment, creating a data strategy, troubleshooting any issues and providing on-going support and advice.

25+ Enterprise Kafka projects delivered
20+ Kafka health checks
30+ Event-Driven discovery workshops
10+ Confluent certified experts
Supporting all things Kafka in your organisation

Kafka Consultancy

We offer a range of consultation in Kafka Services to support your efforts in transforming your business with access to real-time data

Kafka Health Check

Assess your current Kafka deployment health and overall capabilities to that of industry best practice. Get actionable recommendations to achieve your business goals.

Event Driven Architecture

Expert guidance on designing your architecture through the lens of a practical use case within your business.

Strategy & Vision

Leverage our expertise to apply the power of event driven architectures to your industry and accelerate your business transformations with a clear actionable / adoption roadmap.

Disaster planning

Experiencing a critical Kafka cluster failure can be overwhelming. Our Kafka consultants can plan, test and execute failover approaches to fit your availability requirements.

Accelerate along the Kafka Maturity Curve

The Kafka Maturity Model is framework designed to help assess and plan how to grow the value of your data streaming offering within your organisation.

Where ever you are on your Event streaming journey, our consultants can help you move forward.

green blocks
Upskilling your developers with dual delivery

Streaming Applications

We build lightweight, elastic applications and microservices that respond immediately to events and that scale during live operations

Steaming applications

Work alongside your technical resources to upskill them effectively to design Kafka and build Streaming apps, sharing best practices and flag potential pitfalls to ensure impactful real-time transformation.

Connect data sources & sinks

Our certified Confluent Kafka consultants have the experience and knowledge of 100+ connectors to stream data between Apache Kafka and other systems.

Event routing

Harness the true throughput of event-driven architecture and call on our expertise on deciding where to send events, splitting, merging, and filtering streams.

Stream manipulation & enrichment

Learn how to work with streams, tables, data formats, and other event-processing stateful operations from our team of Kafka experts.

we provide reusable building blocks

Kafka Infrastructure

Working alongside your technical teams our Kafka experts will understand your environment and create a solution using infrastructure as code with the latest automation tools

Kafka foundation deployment

Accelerate your Kafka deployment by leveraging our expertise to validate, configure and deploy according to best practices, according to your functional and technical needs.

Kafka migration

Tailored services which are designed to help you smoothly migrate your existing Kafka deployment and its related components to a fully managed Kafka solution


Achieve operational excellence with support from our engineers who have deployed thousands of Kafka clusters by leveraging automation, continuous delivery, and engineering best practices.

Cloud Native Kafka

Accelerate adoption and minimise operational complexity by leveraging our expertise on elastically scaling Kafka-as-a-service with zero downtime and high performance.

On-demand help

Professional Kafka Support

Get help via email, Slack chat, and video call from a team of Kafka and cloud experts

Trusted Expert / Enterprise support

Access a team of Kafka experts who will answer your questions about architecture, how to set up your infrastructure, security best practice and guide you on operational excellence, troubleshoot issues, and avoid gotchas and pitfalls

Emergency support

Our Kafka consultants can recover your data from the non-responsive clusters, accidental configuration changes and more.


OSO helped us navigate the operational complexity of running Kafka during a business-critical time for us. Their experience was invaluable to our team

Andrew Hawkins CTO, Zopa

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