Introducing SpecMesh: An open source spec-driven data mesh methodology

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OSO Services

Building best-in-class, sector-specific solutions with emerging technologies. Because one size doesn’t fit all.

What we do

Plan, build and apply



We take the time to understand your specific needs, challenges and requirements – create a bespoke roadmap, with a unique mix of technologies, all expertly devised to help you succeed.

icon / page / tick Save time and money by leveraging our top emerging technology expertise and vast experience.
icon / page / tick Focus on spending time to discover and understand the landscape of your business and building collaborative relationships with your team to achieve your objectives.


We deliver emerging technology at speed, including digital products, data platforms and cloud infrastructure, that help you and your team become more competitive, agile and work smarter.

icon / page / tick Collaborate and support our clients to develop new capabilities, helping them reach their goals faster.
icon / page / tick Help you to modernise and transform your workflows to prepare your business for the future.
icon / page / tick Support your team in becoming better at what they do, adding real value and impact on the commercial performance of your business.



We empower you and your teams to deploy and adopt emerging technologies at scale, both for the present and the future. By upskilling your team, we can enable them to streamline their processes and scale at the pace you need.

icon / page / tick Work more productively and efficiently, by introducing new technologies into different departments and maximising your return on investment.
icon / page / tick Provide the expertise, knowledge and skills you need to automate and streamline your operations.
icon / page / tick Offer expertise and share learnings to ensure your teams are self-sufficient beyond build and deployment.
How we do it

The OSO 5 step process - immersed, aligned and ready to help you make an impact

Group 13 Your systems, assess and audit, to understand how your business works Discover 02 A solution which can scale as your business grows Design 03 Problem definition statement and suggested next steps Define 01 A methodology to adopt emerging technologies and deliver real value Develop 04 A scalable framework for you to continuously improve and innovate Deploy 05 Artboard
How we can help you

Automate and streamline your operations

We help your team to scale and deploy new solutions faster than ever before. Have a specific technology you prefer? We’re happy to work with any technologies to build and deploy the right solution for your business. We partner with industry leaders to help clients benefit from best practices.

Transform for the future

We can help you to lead the change, whether it’s modernising an industry, business or a team. We will help you to take the step forward to modernise your existing product, platform or system, to have a real impact.

Create data-driven products

Data is at the centre of all we do. We help you to achieve a commercial advantage by building products that are data driven and connected. Data is there to empower you and get products to market faster.

Empower your teams

Learning should be a continual path, we encourage our experts to learn and improve every day. We work alongside your winning teams to help them to be even better by transferring knowledge, upskilling and coaching so they’re empowered and self-sufficient way beyond OSO.

Adopt technologies

Our team has vast experience in various technologies in the software development lifecycle. We pride ourselves on staying up to date and certified, to be able to offer you expert advice and support to adopt technologies at scale.

Finding the best solutions for you

We partner with the world’s leading technology companies to help you implement emerging technologies

Let’s talk about emerging technologies and how we can transform your business.

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