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Tools built by developers for developers Tools built by developers for developers Tools built by developers for developers Tools built by developers for developers

Are you a frequent user of GitHub?

Get a single view with deep insights when looking at which open source project to use, implement, improve or consume.

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Accelerate your Tableau Server deployment

Empower developers and data scientists with a self-service experience that enables you to spend less time configuring, and more time visualising and sharing insights in Tableau.

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Developers from leading teams use OSO tooling

Supporting and empowering teams with open source solutions. Increasing developer velocity so your teams can really focus on building what matters.


The team at OSO was able to automate all of the operational complexities we had with the day to day activities of running Tableau in production.

A collection just for you on AWS and Azure

1000s of lines of reusable, battle-tested, production-ready infrastructure code

Making it easy for you to gain value from your cloud-hosted solutions and bespoke platforms. OSO ready-to-go products help enable fast adoption of key technologies and solutions.


Highly reusable, configurable and composable


Commercially maintained, supported and improved by OSO


Proven in production with dozen of OSO customers


Every commit goes through a suite of automated tests


experience in AWS


Enterprise tableau deployments


Subject matter experts

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