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Empower developers and data scientists with a self-service experience that enables you to spend less time configuring, and more time visualising and sharing insights in Tableau.

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About Tableau Deployment Library

We’ve developed a highly-scalable, secure, fully-automated, cloud-native Tableau Deployment Library for Amazon Web Services (AWS). It offers you an easy-to-use, self-service experience, while empowering your data teams to have the autonomy and control they need to ensure model accuracy, data durability and dashboard portability.

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Your cloud-native Tableau Server deployment on AWS

The challenge and the solution

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The challenge

Static deployment of a long life monolithic application, with a complex process tree and file system.

  • Manual provisioning
  • Labor intensive backup and restore
  • Difficult to scale

The solution

Ephemeral infrastructure, frequently provisioned, short lived and automated provisioning on-demand.

  • Infrastructure as code
  • Repeatable deployment process
  • Scalable automated clustering
An automated and scalable solution

How Tableau Deployment Library can help your team

Uses existing infrastructure

The Tableau Deployment Library uses infrastructure and application automation tools to automatically deploy a standalone or cluster (distributed) architecture for Tableau Server on AWS. Both architectures can be deployed into a new or existing virtual private cloud in your AWS account.

Migrate from on-premise to AWS

Migrate your existing Tableau Server from On-premise to AWS to leverage greater agility, scalability and enhanced security. Free your business from the cost and burden of data center operations.

Easy to use by developers

Give your developers an easy-to-use, self-service experience, while your Data team still has all the power, autonomy and control they need to ensure model accuracy, security and scalability.

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Highly-scalable. Fully-automated. Secure.

Your cloud-native Tableau Server deployment on AWS


Our solution allows you to scale from a single standalone Tableau Server to a full multi-node cluster.

Version agnostic

The Library supports a wide range of Tableau Server versions to enable a smooth transition to the cloud.


We follow strict DevOps practices to ensure every commit goes through a suite of automated tests before being released.


The Library is highly reusable, configurable and composable allowing for multiple deployments.


We support via Slack, email and phone to get your Tableau Server running seamlessly.


We continuously make updates, fixes and enhancements to make sure you can benefit from the improvements.

Empower your developers and data scientists

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