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Pedigree offers developers a single view to visualise deep insights when looking at which open source project to adopt.

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About Pedigree

Simplify open source adoption with GitHub intelligence, powerful analytics and repository metrics which improve collaboration and drive better business outcomes.

GitHub repository analysis for you

The challenge and the solution

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The challenge

Endless open source libraries, with multiple versions all diverged from the original project goal.

  • Lack of visibility across teams
  • Duplicated efforts across forks
  • Manual comparison of contributions

The solution

Influence and collaborate on the most advanced fork, efficiently and freely.

  • Insights to drive productivity
  • One single source of truth
  • Engage with active developer communities
Built by developers for developers

Benefits of GitHub observability platform


Increase innovation throughput, speed, and quality across the full software development lifecycle.


Comprehensive visibility across the whole repository with a single source of truth for all repository data.


Instantly discover and collaborate, eliminate duplicated effort, and quickly engage with active developer communities.

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The Pedigree GitHub tool is built and maintained thanks to a network of supporters worldwide.

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