Majority of AWS costs in one way or the other come from EC2, the core component of it’s Compute offering. We’ve helped companies shave thousands of pounds off their AWS monthly bill, and this post will discuss what we did to achieve that.

Spot Instances

AWS Spot instances are EC2 instances you bid for based on spare computing capacity. The rates are much lower than on-demand instances which are perfect for some use cases. Spot instances are best used for short running or spontaneous tasks such as continuous integration build agents.

Reserved Instances

When building out a solution in AWS, it is always advisable to use reserved instances especially if you’ve already gone through a PoC stage for the solution and looking to deploy a long term infrastructure. Reserved instances allow you to reduce the hourly usage rate by paying an upfront fee for the instance across a 1 or 3-year term. Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances provide a significant discount (up to 75%) compared to On-Demand pricing.

Smart EC2 Usage

This is simple and straightforward. If you’re not using it, turn it off. Since EC2 instances are billed hourly, shutting down non-critical instances can go a long way in helping you bring down your AWS costs.

Infrastructure Cleanup

It’s extremely easy to lose track of the resources you have deployed on AWS without proper asset management. From stale AMIs to outdated snapshots and detached or unused volumes, AWS has even if minimal a cost associated with every resource and cleaning up these unused resources is another way to save on cost.

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