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Kafka MeetUp London – June

Yagmur Gunduz 1 June 2023
Kafka Meetup London June 2023 (3)



🔥 Greetings to all Kafka enthusiasts!
Following the tremendous achievement of the previous Kafka meet-up in April, we are delighted to declare the forthcoming edition.

OSO are teaming up with Sainsbury’s, special sponsor for this event, to deliver an exciting program of talks that you won’t want to miss!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The registrations are closed for this event.

When: ⏰ Monday 26th June 2023 5.45 – 8:30 pm
Where:📍33 Holborn, London EC4A 1AA
Nearest Tube Stations: 🚇 Central Line: St. Pauls & Chancery Lane, Elizabeth Line: Farringdon

** Since this event will take place in a Sainsbury’s office, for security purposes, you must register in your ID name order to gain entry.

Talk 1

🎙️Talk Title: Kafka enterprise strategy to evolve with demand

Summary: In this talk we are going to navigate through the transformation journey of the Supply Chain BU adopting Kafka with microservices in an event-driven architecture to deliver better value to customers and have a look at the current presence of Kafka in Sainsbury’s.
We will go over insights of early days, lessons learnt and successful governance patterns which made the onboarding smoother as time went. We will also review the different tooling involved in making this journey successful not only for business but for developers, along with leveraging Kafka community driven projects such as Kafka Connect. We will conclude on where the Kafka landscape and architecture is headed.
Key talk takeaways:

  • Plan for growth with a strong governance
  • Give the tools to developers to be self-sufficient to reduce frictions
  • Leverage existing solutions
  • Breaking down silos to improve business adoption to deliver value faster with consistency
  • Embrace innovative solutions and make the leap towards the future

🗣️ Speaker: John Mille (GitHub @johnpreston) – Principal Cloud Engineer, Sainsbury’s
Coming from a Net/Sys admin background, John has been working with AWS (Amazon Web Services) and distributed systems since before he graduated. Introduced to Kafka on the job, he builds Open-Source tooling to help with Kafka Governance automation and enjoys occasional blogging, to share his experiences and help others.

Talk 2

🎙️ Talk Title: Enforcing Kafka Best Practices
Summary: Kafka’s flexibility and configurability have contributed to its widespread adoption, but they also pose challenges. The ability to configure applications client-side can lead to inefficiencies and performance issues within the Kafka cluster. Conduktor has encountered numerous instances of such issues reported by their customers, including improperly configured producers, consumer groups with excessive members, and mixed data and schema in topics unintentionally. These issues often go unnoticed by the client application but significantly impact the performance of the Kafka cluster.
In this session, join us on a detective hunt as we explore the tools and metrics used to identify misconfigurations in clients. We will discuss strategies for addressing these issues once discovered and provide insights on preventing future occurrences.
🗣️ Speaker: Tom Scott: Principal Engineer, Conduktor
Long time enthusiast of Kafka and all things data integration, Tom has more than 10yrs experience (5yrs+ Kafka) in innovative and efficient ways to store, query and move data. Currently working at Conduktor, Tom is building multi-tenant, on-prem and cloud Kafka services to attack common Kafka pain points and break down barriers to starting your data journey.

🗓️ Schedule: TBA

BY ATTENDING THIS EVENT IN PERSON, you acknowledge that risk includes possible exposure to and illness from infectious diseases including COVID-19, and accept responsibility for this, if it occurs.

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