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OSO Is Rebranding!

Richard Gutkowski 27 September 2021

Reinventing our services to drive innovation beyond DevOps. 

  • Businesses need to evolve, iterate and fail fast to reach their clients 
  • To beat the competition, companies are turning to emerging technologies 
  • OSO now offers more comprehensive specialty consulting services 

Welcome to our new website! 🙌  (

Here’s the scoop: We’re rebranding to focus on emerging technologies. So, what does that mean? We’re removing DevOps from our name because we’re expanding our offerings. Did we plan this when we first started OSO DevOps? Not necessarily. 

But over the years, we’ve built trust with our clients by doing the difficult parts of integrating and automating development operations—and we’ve been asked to take on more responsibility. More complex problems, more innovative solutions, and more challenges? Count us in.


Creating software isn’t complex. It’s more like throwing a great party

Garry Tan Venture capitalist and founder

degrees across the team


Combined certifications


Combined years of DevOps experience

The OSO Story

It all started back in 2011, Sion and I met and became lifelong friends at Henley Regatta. We launched our first client project—building a hedge fund from scratch and deploying on Amazon Web Services (AWS). What we didn’t know, we learned.

All we knew was that we loved working hard, building cool technologies, and trying to better what we’d done before. So we hacked together a website in a weekend and launched the first iteration of what you now know as OSO DevOps.

But it’s time to say goodbye to the first version of OSO. We’ve grown into a successful team of self-starters who build solutions that we’re really proud of. We focus on using the right tools and technologies, doing the right thing for our clients, and (let’s be honest) still having loads of fun while we’re at it.

We’ve worked, learned, collaborated, and pioneered new systems, building trust and good relationships with our amazing clients. So, we suppose it’s time for OSO’s official coming-of-age celebration. And it looks like this…

What’s New?

Over the past 18 months, we’ve scaled up from the two of us—Sion and Rich—to a dedicated team of sixteen engineers.

(Yes, we know there’s only some of the team in that picture. There are more behind the scenes.)

OSO team sitting at table

Every six months, our revenue has doubled. In terms of turnover, we’ve gone from zero to $1.5M. (Enough to upgrade our website a little.)

Over that time, we’ve worked on some incredible projects with our clients during COVID, built up our expertise in new technologies, and worked hard to provide subject matter expertise to those who trust us.

We’ve also seen the world change. As Accenture puts it:

‘A new era of competition is dawning—one where architecture matters, and leaders will be decided not just on the success of their business plans, but on the ingenuity of their technology choices’.

Our client needs have shifted. We’re now working in an ecosystem driven by innovation and powered by data: our clients need expertise not just in DevOps, but in all types of emerging technologies. 

That means that in the coming months, we’ll be sharing case studies and articles about our journey, so you can really see how we work and which types of projects we love to tackle. We also work in a variety of cool industries: 

  • Mining 
  • FinTech 
  • Shipping 
  • HealthTech
  • Teleco
  • Government

Why We’re Moving Into Emerging Technologies ?

Recently, Statista surveyed CIOs and IT leaders across 83 countries.

In addition to distributed cloud technologies and SaaS platforms, companies are starting to rely on: 

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Edge computing
  • Intelligent automation
  • Augmented reality, blockchain, and quantum computing. 

(We heard that sigh.) Yep, these words get tossed about a lot.

But here’s another stat: 51% of executives say that their primary goal of introducing AI is to enhance the features, functions, and performance of their products. Actually, we’ve realised, emerging tech is just another way to get the results we want for our clients, and faster. 

We’re agile, and we intend to seek out what’s new. (We won’t say cutting-edge, because we’re not those people, but we do enjoy pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.)

Over the years, our tight-knit group of Cloud and DevOps veterans have worked on countless projects and built their expertise. 

  • Total number of degrees: 14
  • Combined certifications: 40+
  • Combined years of DevOps: 50+

But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to learn more. After all, we’re used to staying on top of rapid updates, receiving feedback, and setting weekly priorities. And to help our clients, we’ll use those skills to address their key challenges around cost, skills shortages, and security.

What Can You Still Count On? 

You know us: we’re the tech consultancy that launched after two guys—Sion and Rich—bonded over their love of developing tech, working hard, and making systems of which they were proud. None of that’s changed. 

  • We’re the consultancy that delivers quality work. 
  • The one you can rely on in a crisis. 
  • The one where you actually know the founders. 
  • We’re definitely not just a marketing or sales machine.

We like working with our clients to provide them with new components that don’t just fill gaps, but actually supercharge their systems. We’re not just writing shiny proposals, responding to RFPs, and moving to the next client! 

We like doing things differently. We like supporting long-term clients, taking on exciting projects, and producing quality deliverables.

We’re still committed to our core values:

  • Learning new skills 🚀
  • Respecting the people we work with 💛
  • Championing the personal development of our engineers 💯

What’s more, we’re not eliminating any of our options. Picture this as an enhancement. We still consult on cloud operations, help you architect, maintain, and automate your cloud infrastructure, and introduce DevOps best principles to your company.

We still do DevOps. But, we’ve reached the stage where we want to go beyond labels and start providing a broader range of services.

How To Create Something Great

As Garry Tan, venture capitalist and founder says, one of the most important skills you can have is the ability to empathise with your clients.

When we design technology services, or help companies upgrade their platforms, we focus on providing a world-class experience.

He adds: ‘Creating software isn’t complex. It’s more like throwing a great party. Someone says, that bartender makes a great Manhattan, and hey! Here’s someone I want you to meet’. 

At OSO, that’s how we like to think about our services. We step in to help companies upgrade their systems, but we have fun with it. And our clients do as well. Everyone thinks that engineering and coding is nose-to-the-grindstone type of work, but we actually spend our time solving interesting, complex problems.

So we’ve expanded our range of expertise.

Over the past year, we’ve also worked on many cool projects related to helping companies through COVID. We helped 33N, a small team of clinicians and data scientists, integrate Tableau into their systems to visualise NHS data.

We helped VAS, a real estate services business, transform their application on AWS to process over 300 valuations a week—helping people continue to move into new houses during the pandemic.

And we’re always on the lookout for new partners and projects! 

If you’d like to learn more, click here to read our case studies.

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