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Latest Kafka Industry Trends, Kafka Playbook, Kafka Resources [ July 2023 ] 

Sion Smith 31 July 2023

Welcome to the Kafka Report. We are excited to bring you the latest insights and updates on the world of Apache Kafka and event-driven architecture! Let’s dive in.

💥 What’s New This Month | Kafka Industry Trends 

What are Kafka Industry Trends?

🤝 E-commerce in the Era of AI: Thanks to AI and machine learning, customers expect personalisation, seamless interactions, and dynamic pricing from their e-commerce sites. What’s new? Companies that want to stay in the game have started using event-driven architecture to track, analyse, and react to customer events in real time – known as Customer 360. 

🤖 Cybersecurity Challenges: Cybercriminals are getting smarter and using AI to create sophisticated cyberattacks and fraudulent transactions. Now, firms that care about retaining lifelong customers and maintaining their reputation need to instantly flag unusual behaviour, suspicious patterns, and potential threats using real-time data. 

🏆 Featured Success Story | KUGU

We’re thrilled to showcase Kugu, a leading innovator in building management! By harnessing the power of Kafka, Kugu successfully migrated its legacy resources to AWS. Today, their platform handles over 3 million connected IoT devices, processing more than 100,000,000 messages daily. 

Christopher von Gumppenberg, Founder and CEO

🤓 Kafka Essentials | What Is Kafka? The Ultimate Kafka Playbook

New to Apache Kafka? Our comprehensive Kafka playbook, ‘What is Apache Kafka? The Ultimate Kafka Guide’ is the perfect resource. Download the playbook to access: 

1️⃣ The fundamentals of Apache Kafka.

2️⃣ Various use cases for Kafka and event-driven architecture.

3️⃣ Step-by-step instructions on deploying Kafka in your organisation.

4️⃣A breakdown of the Kafka services you have available to you as a Kafka Expert. 

📅 Upcoming Industry Events 

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Big Data London event happening on September 21st and 22nd at Olympia, London. This premier event brings together over 180 technology vendors and consultants specialising in data, analytics, and AI. Please sign up to Big Data LDN from here.

This year at Big Data LDN, we’re also hosting a Kafka Meetup!

⏰ When: September 21st-22nd, 6:15 – 9:30 pm
📍Where: Fast Data Theatre
🤝What: Kafka talks and networking
🍕Why: Kafka knowledge, pizza, beer, and beverages!

📢 Client Testimonials | M1 Finance 

“Thanks to OSO, we have been able to quickly execute our analytics initiatives without compromising our real-time data practices!” 

— Nicklas Ankarstad, Senior Director of Data Science & Analytics at M1 Finance

Kafka industry trends: Screenshot of 56 M1 Employees on a Zoom call
Picture 2: M1’s team on a group video call (Source:

📖 NEW: Expert Hub | Training Kafka Experts  

If you aspire to master Apache Kafka, you’ll soon have access to our Expert Learning Hub, where you’ll be able to read about the latest releases, upskill in new areas, and gain the relevant skills to move ahead in your career. 

🔋 Ready to explore the power of Apache Kafka?

Join our Kafka Expert list to connect with like-minded professionals, share insights, and stay updated. You can also book a call to upskill in Kafka best practices. Thanks again for being a part of the Kafka Expert community! Looking forward to seeing  you in September at Big Data LDN. 🎉😍

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